Why Do You Need Fast Diets?

You do not want to – two weeks before the event responsible suddenly, it appears that the dress does not converge at the waist. The situation is even worse and frustration, if that’s your own wedding or birthday.

Agree, to flee to shop in search of a new dress, two sizes larger – a clear manifestation of cowardice. We are not accustomed to depart and be able to cope with the situation, because each of us knows many ways to lose weight in a matter of days: fast diets of all kinds, all kinds of starvation, cold and hot wraps, massages, nutritional supplements, pills, finally! Desiring to achieve the goal, we quickly lose the insane and lose the ability to look at things realistically. We already have to not just return to their former size.

The target: as soon as possible to become a lean, tall and thin, weigh 15 kg less than the natural norm, and be no thicker than Kate Moss. That is, there is the desire to look as usual no one ever looks – none of the normal, healthy and happy people with the correct structure of the body and positive self-esteem.

Thousands of women in various corners of the earth ready to take tremendous effort and endure inhumane limitations in order to get rid of unnecessary, they argue, kilograms, not taking into account their real capacity. If the instinct of self-triggered, it costs the reasonable limit for food, an active fitness and cosmetics to a local weight loss programs. However, this path stretches for years and only works within the “norm”.

Fast diets: what they are?

For each organism has its own bottom slat weight, primarily due to the structure of bones.

And there are the lungs, heart, liver and other internal organs, which is also something so weighed. Leather man of average height is about five kilos, plus four to five liters of blood, and even if you diligently to destroy muscles , its remnants will not be ignored.

Who we are? Certainly not to Venus, possessing a natural female proportions ! And now, in the United States have been forced to take on the level of government regulation requiring the editors sections of fashion, couturiers and designers, directors filming, as well as heads of agencies to pay attention to the health of models, if there are visible signs of anemia. Now, instead of participating in the shooting or showing a hunger tortured woman, likely to be at the doctor’s. Too little, too late!

Why not just suffer in recent years, wishing to lose weight: from deep scientific Kardeyla diets, Atkins and Frikera, fasting for Gordon, separate power supply for MONTIGNAC to most clinical cases, such as prescriptions to eat only grapefruit, pineapple, banana with milk or cabbage soup. Dietitians are not murderers. And honestly caution: all these diets and fast because that are designed for short-term. Complying with the requirements, you can quickly lose kilograms, not risking their lives. The question of whether you are willing to sacrifice health for beauty, not even asked rapid tone diet weight loss.

Those who recommend rapid diet, do not like to talk about the consequences. But most likely, that, tired of diets, you will return to a normal diet. And a few months later, still not enough to restore the disturbed metabolism, said: discarded kilograms, again with you and have led to a couple-three new ones. During the diet Alarmed by the usual food shortages cells in the body begin to work in emergency mode, trying to save energy and save it in store. Alas, in the form of fat.

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