What You Do not Know About HIV – AIDS

HIV is solely the virus that causes AIDS whereas AIDS is the viral illness attributable to HIV. HIV means Human Immunodeficiency Virus whereas AIDS means Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. The virus that causes AIDS is a particular one as a result of it’s not only a virus however a retro-virus that replicates in a fraction of seconds and assaults the human immune system severely. The immune system incorporates organic “troopers” often known as antibodies that struggle in opposition to ailments. The weakening of the immune system makes the human physique weak to opportunistic infections together with tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. I suppose you realize what I’ve simply mentioned about HIV/AIDS.

HIV/AIDS is transmitted by the alternate of blood instantly or not directly from an contaminated particular person to a different particular person. The usage of unsterilized sharp devices equivalent to a needle, razor, injection syringe, and hair clipper could cause the transmission of HIV/AIDS. Unprotected sexual activity could cause the transmission of HIV/AIDS. A mom residing with HIV/AIDS can transmit to her unborn little one by the umbilical wire which connects the mom and the unborn little one. Blood transfusion may result in transmission of HIV/AIDS if the transfused blood is contaminated with HIV/AIDS. So there are solely 4 identified methods by which you’ll be able to contact the virus that causes AIDS. There isn’t any manner you’ll be able to contact HIV by mosquito bites, having a hand shake with somebody that’s contaminated, hugging, kissing, and sharing private results equivalent to towel and garments with somebody that’s residing with the virus.

The one manner you could find out whether or not you could have contacted the virus is thru having a blood check. And it’s a must to go for the blood check every so often, at the very least twice in a 12 months, as a result of the virus has an incubation interval of about Three-6 months. If you’re not but married abstinence from sexual activity is the best choice for you however for those who can’t abstain it’s a must to shield your self with condom. Then if you’re married you simply need to be devoted to your companion – follow her or him as a result of she or he has bought no matter you might be in search of on the market. You must just remember to keep away from unprotected sexual activity, and different methods of getting contaminated with the illness. I additionally assume that you realize this stuff I’ve simply mentioned about HIV/AIDS.

However there may be one factor you do not know about HIV/AIDS. What you do not know is that HIV/AIDS kills slower than the stigma hooked up to it by some folks in our numerous societies. Sure you heard me properly. Stigmatization has killed extra folks residing with HIV/AIDS than the virus or the illness itself. Some folks residing with HIV/AIDS have been rejected by their households and associates just because they examined constructive to the virus. Some folks residing with the virus have misplaced their jobs just because they’re residing with HIV Test the virus. I can go and on to inform you what some folks have been passing by due to the truth that they’re residing with HIV/AIDS. A few of them have dedicated suicide as a result of they thought they may not stay to face the stigma. Increasingly folks residing with HIV/AIDS have died on account of stigmatization or the psychological trauma that follows the illness.

You must present love to those folks residing with HIV/AIDS. You must present that their households and associates nonetheless need them. You must present them that the society nonetheless needs them no matter the truth that they’re residing with HIV/AIDS. You must let these folks know that they aren’t much less human due to their medical situation. You must allow them to know that residing with HIV/AIDS is just not the top of the world. Allow them to know that they’ll nonetheless stay a standard life although they’re residing with HIV/AIDS. As a matter of reality, anyone can stay with the virus so you don’t have any proper to stigmatize anyone due to HIV/AIDS.

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