Details on HIV/AIDS

HIV is a lentivirus that infects the cells of the physique and assaults the immune system making an individual sick and simply uncovered to any illnesses. It may be transmitted via unprotected intercourse, blood fusion, and even cuts or open tissues within the physique.

Based mostly on statistical data, there are about 2.7 million folks in 2010 identified to be contaminated with HIV. At this time, it’s estimated that there are about 34 million people who find themselves dwelling with HIV around the globe. The alarming variety of folks contaminated with HIV continues to develop and this changing into a world epidemic.

HIV infects cells of the immune system

The HIV an infection leads to deterioration of the immune system, incapacity of important organs to perform usually, and breaking down the power of the physique to struggle dangerous microorganism and different illnesses. If HIV isn’t handled, it will probably quickly result in Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS. That is the worst stage of HIV an infection had been extra infections and different most cancers related-issues happen.

HIV might be transmitted in a number of methods

• Unprotected intercourse or oral intercourse (anal or vaginal) with an HIV Constructive individual

• Transfusion of blood

• Sharing of syringes, needles and different pointed-sharp devices

• Breast feeding by an contaminated mom or throughout being pregnant and childbirth

• Publicity to open tissue or wounds

HIV is named the world’s outstanding infectious killer

It has been recorded that there are about 25 million folks in whole who’ve already died due to HIV/AIDS and an estimated 1.7 million folks deceased in 2011.

In response to 2011 HIV statistics, three.34 million of the full HIV constructive HIV Test individuals are youngsters. A lot of the youngsters dwelling in sub-Saharan Africa are contaminated by their moms throughout being pregnant, giving beginning, or breastfeeding. There are over 900 new child infants who’re being contaminated by the virus each day. About 57% of HIV constructive pregnant girls obtained probably the most lively and efficient drug regimens to forestall the HIV virus mother-to-child transmission.

HIV can also be the strongest menace issue for growing lively tuberculosis. Roughly 430,000 tuberculosis related-deaths in the identical yr, occurred amongst HIV constructive folks.

Mixture Antiretroviral Remedy or ART prevents the multiplication of the HIV virus

HIV if not handled instantly might result in dying. Nevertheless at present, replica of the HIV virus could also be stopped and prevented via ART. With this remedy, the immune cells of the physique in a position to reside longer and work to offer safety from infections. If an HIV constructive individual undergoes ART, his/her companion (HIV-negative) may have a lesser threat of being contaminated via sexual transmission.

At this time, the protection of ART frequently will increase in all low- and middle-income nations. Total, 54% (near 15 million folks ) of the full folks identified with the HIV are eligible for therapy.

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