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September Wallpaper & Other news

September Wallpaper & Other news published on 7 Comments on September Wallpaper & Other news

Hey guys~! Long time no news post! Phew, sorry about that! Things have been crazy around here- between con season, getting sick, and everything else.. but I’m trying to get back on the ball and get things rolling!

First off, September’s wallpaper has been posted! Geez, yeah I missed a lot of months there- I’m sorry! I don’t think I’m going to have time to make them up, so I’m just going to start from here and keep movin’ out! This month’s wallpaper is PONIES. Here’s a preview:

And yes.. it is.. ponies. The sickness has struck me- I’ve really been enjoying watching the episodes while inking comic pages! If you like ponies, you can snag my attempt at drawing my main cast in the MLP:FiM style! If ponies aren’t your thing, feel free to ignore and move on ;3 If you’d like to snag one or get more donation wallpaper info, just head over to the wallpaper section! Next month will of course be a Halloween-themed image, and I’m thinking about doing something creepy with our villains~  If you guys have any ideas or wallpaper requests, either for this or upcoming months, please feel free to let me know in the comments! I want to draw up stuff you guys would want to see! :D

Also, I’m going to try and be on the ball with DELVE TWC Voting incentives! I’ve devised a little plan- I went out today and bought a brand-new mini sketchbook. I’m going to do all my DELVE incentives in this sketchbook until it’s full! Then after it’s complete, I’ll be sending off the thing for one of you to have- either through raffle or some kind of contest! How’s that sound? I thought it’d make working on incentives and seeing them more fun for the both of us! I’ll also add a link in the bottom of each page’s update with a link to the TWC vote, and a lil blurb of what the incentive is. The main-page incentive preview graphic was just too much a hassle to update for me to keep up with it! I’ll be updating the incentive with every page update.. and that brings me to:

October will be the return of the twice a week update schedule! I’m going to be going back to our original Wednesday-Sunday uploading schedule. Thanks to all of you for being so patient during this busy time for me! I’ll be doing two-pages as long as I can, unless something else comes up! But I’ll certainly let ya’ll know if that goes down. I will also be trying to find time to rework the design of the viewer for each DELVE page- so you may see some changes to that in the upcoming months!

So that’s the DELVE all-around update! I hope you guys have been enjoying the comic, and I’ll be droppin’ ya’ll another news update in October sometime for a new spooky wallpaper!



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