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Intermission 04-13

Woop woop! Hahhaha yeah sorry :I Still not ready yet. I’ve realized from paneling that Chapter 6 is going to be one that’s going to run long again! So I need a little more time to work out all the kinks. It might be up and running in a few weeks?

I’ve realized that, although I do want to meet deadlines on this (and I think I have proved that I can do so xD) I should really try and make DELVE fun for me as well. For a long time now, honestly, it hasn’t been..! It’s been like my secondary job that I do because I must. But I think, taking some time away from it, I realize that I should make sure I’m taking enough time that it’s fun for me, and it’s work that I can be proud of, rather than just hurrying things along at a breakneck pace..! So I am going to be sure that this chapter is finished to my liking before I start rolling it out, just to get it out there!

I’m also thinking about taking a little break from DELVE after chapter 6, which will probably be the last chapter in the first printed graphic novel! YAY! But I think maybe getting to the point where DELVE is actually fun for me again will be a big step in getting it to be something that people actually like. And I know if I take a little time away, I’m going to miss it! So.. Chapter 6, coming very soon, but not quite ready yet! And then after that, I’m going to take things one day at a time and see where I’m at- with either taking a little break, or cutting back on updates. Any opinions you guys have about it would be great, but I think I need to be sure I’m being good to myself! And in the upcoming months I know I have lots of commission work to do, and may be getting a “real” job- so I’ll have to see where that leaves me, time-wise!

I know now why people who do webcomics do that and nothing else.. it’s a crap-ton of work!! But alas I can’t do JUST this comic, and I am always being pulled in tons of directions..! So we’ll see :D

THANKS FOR READING GUYS sorry for the false alarm on the next chapter xD soon I promise you!!! <3

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[ sorry I'm behind on these- holidays are keelin' mee! I figure actual pages are more important at the moment ;D]

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I hope this comic isn’t dead, there were so many interesting plot points hinted at, but it looks like it has been almost 2 years at this point…

I’ll check back occasionally, but I think I found this one already dead and gone which makes me a little sad.

I’d like to thank you for all of the work you’ve put into something so that people you’ll probably never meet can enjoy it. I’d like to offer my services as a craftsman, MSpaint artist, amateur voice actor, and game designer. You’re awesome, and I make it my goal in life to make the lives of awesome people more awesome. Best of luck.

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