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Intermission 04-09

This intermission has been completed in an entirely different style at great expense and at the last minute

But seriously: this was drawn by me. On real paper. With real pens. Oh my gosh.
This intermission is going on forever- I know, I KNOW! I am running around like a crazyperson with the things that need to be done: for both my usual work/commissions and now Ohayocon! Which is this coming weekend already!!! AHHH! If you are going, please look me up there! I have a big “Del Borovic” banner and and orange tablecloth. I will be bringing some DELVE swag n shirts! I am also hoping to have new art done for the con- DELVE-related if I can!- and then hoping Chapter 6 will continue early February.

This intermission was done in 4 parts, so I’m really hoping to have everything together after this section ends. Regardless, I apologize for the long long intermission, and I hope these pages have at least been moderately entertaining! Thank you all for reading and your support!

/Mexican jumping Fyelu

PS: If you can’t read my handwriting: I’m sorry. Hopefully someone will write up a transcript. I think the awful lettering is part of the derpy charm of this section HA HA HA.

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[ sorry I'm behind on these- holidays are keelin' mee! I figure actual pages are more important at the moment ;D]

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Your handwriting’s perfectly readable Del! Don’t worry. (And I can still see it’s your style. Especially in Mirari’s face.)

LOL I really hope to make it to Ohayocon next weekend! If I do then I’ll definitely make your table a top priority! Either way, I commend you on your bravery of otakus and insane fans. I cosplayed once like 4 years ago. Never again.

Aww, hope to see you there! And nuuu, hahaha I have lived the otaku life for many years, these anime cons don’t frighten me anymore!! I’m also planning to cosplay for Friday (I’m part of an Uncharted group hah!) so I’m gonna do it all! ^_^ hope you make it!

What is this madness?! PAPER? PENS?!? WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?! xDD
In other news, good luck at Ohayocon~~ Wish I could go, but alas. I have not made any plans. xD Guess I should try to go to Ohayocon next year then.
Good luck! I hope you have a good time and make lots of money- I mean, uhhh… HAVE A GOOD TIME.

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