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Intermission 04-08

why so silent?

Stop American Censorship

Will have a few more intermission comics comin’ up! Sorry it’s going to so long, got Ohayocon coming up. Will put up more info on those next few pages. Ch 6 should start in Feb! ‘Til then:


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[ sorry I'm behind on these- holidays are keelin' mee! I figure actual pages are more important at the moment ;D]

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At first, why did I think I was going to see fanservice bondage. OH YES AND I AGREE *emailing Governor*.

Started reading this awhile ago, got distracted, and finally caught up. I love it – the art, characters, plot … *especially* the characters. Really, I like all of them. And that rarely happens!

Excited to see your table at the con :D

Thank you so much! I’m glad you were able to come back and get into the story again :D it’s such a huge compliment you like the whole cast, thank you!

I will see you there!!

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