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Intermission 04-07

The problem with an ensemble cast. You don’t know how hard it is to keep all the crazy spoiler characters at bay. If you recognize this guy from just his mouth, you’ve been watching my art too long :C also not sure why I’m super crazy short/chibi in this strip… it just happened that way!

Yeah sorry intermission running a lil long! Gotta make sure I get out all the kinks of Ch 6- and recover from Holiday madness at the same time.

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[ sorry I'm behind on these- holidays are keelin' mee! I figure actual pages are more important at the moment ;D]

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I…I… think I recognise one of the characters by the curl in his hair. Not sure if I recognise the other characters (in most frames) although I vaguely do claim I’ve seen him before. Probably in different clothes?

*_* Ooh, who could the be? Will they be in chapter 6?

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